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We built a track record of success stories with global businesses over the last 6-7 years.

151 businesses signed up in the last month alone.

More than 10,000 growing businesses trust our proprietary technology.

We've proven we can delivery industry standard and innovative solutions for medium, large and enterprise businesses in Australia.

Our Customer Success Stories

Learn how our easy to use, easy to operate and easy to grow solutions have performed wonders for smart businesses.

How FreightExchange partnered with Komatsu to save them 3+ hours per staff per day?

By providing a central freight management system, cost, service & performance analytics-enabled greater transparency.

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How Hudson Pacific streamlined cold chain procedures using FreightExchange

Hudson Pacific integrated with 5+ cold chain carriers in Australia to ensure all shipments are fulfilled and delivered in full, on time.

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How Kollaras centralised 100% of their processes and data with FreightExchange

Integration through FreightExchange was implemented as a priority to eliminate manual task and provide visibility across all logistic operations.

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How Ligentia saved 35% in global labour costs using FreightExchange

FreightHQ resulted in 100% accuracy, addresses validated, consignment details and ultimately reduced labour costs by 35% at least.

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How National Salon Supplies saved 5 mins per shipment with FreightExchange

It took sometime to demonstrate the real benefits through measurement but National Salon Supplies are really happy to where they've landed.

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How Ventia connected 100+ carriers and saved 30% on costs using FreightExchange

We were then able to benchmark freight and logistics costs in multiple geographies and identify strategies to reduce costs by over $2m.

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Press & Partners

Here are some of the associations, partnerships and mentions we've acquired over the last 6+ years of being in business.