We built a track record of success stories with global businesses over the last 7+ years.

We help 7-12 new businesses streamline their freight management processes everyday.

Our Customer Success Stories

How ADG centralised their freight with FreightExchange

Active Display Group were able to ship consignments of all shapes and sizes to retailers all over Australia.

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How Hudson Pacific streamlined cold chain using FreightExchange

Hudson Pacific integrated 6 cold chain carriers, saved the team 3 hours a day and delivered 98% of orders on time and in full.

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How Ligentia saved 35% in global labour costs using FreightExchange

FreightExchange reduced errors with addresses validation and multi-carrier automation and reduced labour costs by 35%

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How National Salon saved 5 mins per shipment with FreightExchange

National Salon Supplies were able to ship 40% more orders without adding extra staff.

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How Perth Mint digitised their global shipping with FreightExchange

The Perth Mint digitised their order fulfilment proceses, eliminated double handling and gained real-time visibility over their export operations.

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How Shoretrade ships from the trawler to the door with FreightExchange

Shoretrade automated their logistics end to end in the ShoreTrade eCommerce platform with the FreightExchange platform

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How Ventia centralised carriers and saved 30% on costs using FreightExchange

We were then able to benchmark freight and logistics costs in multiple geographies and identify strategies to reduce costs by over $2m.

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How we partnered with Komatsu to save them 3+ hours per person a day

Despite a large and complex business, Komatsu now has 360-degree visibility of all their freight operations.

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Kollaras partner with FreightExchange: Centralizing Processes & Data

Integration through FreightExchange was implemented as a priority to eliminate manual task and provide visibility across all logistic operations.

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Businesses streamline, manage and scale shipping better with FreightExchange.

  • FreightExchange helped us reduce manual tasks and this resulted in 100% accuracy on jobs booked, addresses validated, correct consignment weights/volume and this ultimately reduced our labour costs by 35% at least.

    Steve Busuttil, General Manager

  • FreightExchanges' scalable API became the provider for all our bespoke requirements requirements pretty easily and quickly, and hence we are easily shipping in tens of thousands on a monthly basis.

    Lisa Styrud, Supply Chain & Logistics

  • The product was a closer functional fit for our environment than the alternatives. It replaced a number of manual processes that involved manual exchange of information via spreadsheets.

    Phil O'Shea, Chief Information Officer

    Perth Mint
  • The functionality & ease of use of FreightExchange is a great asset for this software, my team found it very user friendly.

    Nathan Bailey, Head of Logistics

    Active Display
  • FreightExchange is a very forward thinking company and the benefits we achieved are priceless, we are no longer chasing problems but pre-see freight problems and fix them before they get any big. Cate is an absolute gem.

    James Powloski, General Manager

    National Salon
  • FreightExchange gave our staff the ability to select the appropriate carrier and service level to meet their requirements. The platform provided an intuitive user experience and we were able to implement the trial with minimal training. We were able to configure fields to support our accounting processes easily.

    Executive General Manager, Logistics

  • A clever robust platform making domestic transport easy. FreightExchange is a wonderful platform giving unprecedented access to big boys of domestic transport like never before. If you ever dealt with any big carrier before you would know the pain and cost.

    Jillian Wong, Solutions Specialist

    Think Global Logistics

We help 7-12 new customers streamline their freight management processes everyday.


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