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G'day, at FreightExchange we are changing the way businesses ship.

Our vision is to power growth for trade businesses globally. We will achieve it by accelerating growth and shipping for businesses across the globe using accessible technology in ways that are good for the earth.


We're specialists in the world of logistics & technology!

Meet Cate Hull & Martyn Hann, the co-founders of the business.

Here's our story and some metrics to demonstrate our impact.

A true industry first, FreightExchange was founded in 2014. Responding to rigorous research conducted into hundreds of members of the Australian freight community, founders Cate Hull and Martyn Hann could see the need to develop an online platform where carriers could sell unused space to shippers. In turn, shippers would have access to a real time quoting and tracking system with significantly reduced prices.

Born from the need for a better, simpler and less time consuming freight management system, this innovative platform has since transformed the Australian freight industry, empowering both shippers and carriers to reduce waste and inefficiency, improve customer service, and bolster their bottom line. Collectively, Cate and Martyn have an extensive background in logistics and freight, coupled with considerable technological expertise. They are also supported by a dedicated team of innovators, technology experts, and data analytics and service professionals.

In 2021, the company retains the same pioneering spirit, and remains driven by the desire to benefit our carrier network and customers by empowering win-win collaborations, and by supporting the freight industry at large.

10-20%Cost savings from day one.
5xReduction in manual errors.
10xImprovement in order processing.
5%Improvement in utilisation.
50mQuotes & shipments transacted.
20+Enterprise customers (and growing).
50+Air, sea and road carriers integrated.
5+Hours saved per operator per day.

Environmental & Social Impact

Through our values, practices and products, we create a world with reduced resource use to preserve the natural world and support community causes where we can have the greatest impact.

Diversity & Inclusion

We’ve created a workplace where everyone can bring their whole selves to work through a culture of inclusion and belonging.

Sustainability through Product

Our technology fosters sustainable logistics practices through consolidation, end to end visibility and minimising waste.

Data & Security

We follow a stringent security regime upholding best practices with data and privacy.

Advisory Board

We've don an advisory board that keeps us honest on our governance and growth.

Sustainable Procurement

Where possible, we prioritise sustainable materials for our every operations and while planning for growth.

Risk Management

We consider internal and external risks and how they will affect the business, customers and the environment.

Pledge 1%

We pledge to direct 1% of our profits to support logistics for non for profit organisations.

Carbon Neutrality

We're aggressively creating features to bring awareness on carbon neutrality.

Our Product Values

In short the key principles that help us create accessible technology solutions for our customers.

Data Driven

We believe in data being the new oil, and build products to serve meaningful insights so customers can make smart decisions, fast.


We love our community and proactively chase new and innovative ways to optimise shipping and operations for our customers.

Self Serve

The one value that differentiates us, our technology helps customers to self serve and solve problems first, and seek support later.


Press & Partners

Here are some of the associations, partnerships and mentions we've acquired over the last 6+ years of being in business.