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What Drives Us

Our mission is to deliver a simple, automated way for carriers to connect with shippers and manage your freight, all in one place - and by doing so, provide opportunities for waste reduction, cost efficiencies, revenue generation and sustainability to the industry.

Our award winning digital marketplace is a free and instant service that efficiently manages all aspects of the booking and dispatch process for our reputable network of long-haul transport carriers and shippers.

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Our Story

An industry first, FreightExchange was co-founded in 2014 by Cate Hull and Martyn Hann in response to research conducted with hundreds of members of the Australian freight community.

The finding from shippers and carriers alike was that it was time consuming and difficult to manage freight, resulting in significant waste and inefficiency and even empty transport carriers - all of which impacts margins.

Equipped with an extensive background in logistics and freight, coupled with expertise in technological innovation, Cate and Martyn saw the opportunity to develop an online marketplace where carriers could sell their unused space to shippers. Customers then have access to a real time quoting and tracking system with significantly reduced prices.

Developed and launched in 2014, FreightExchange's dedicated team of technology, data analytics and service professionals are passionate about supporting the freight industry.

Everyone Wins

Empty capacity across the freight industry are reported to be around 30%, already costing the global economy around 400 billion US dollars, a result of an inadequate use of assets.

Our values are based on a simple philosophy - we want everyone to win.

Whether it's a consumer benefiting from lower hidden costs of freight, a carrier who has full trucks, a shipper who has instant access to reputable carriers at reduced costs, or the economy as a whole through waste reduction, we work with this key principle every day.

Our Team
Cate Hull, CEO
As Co-Founder and CEO, Cate has more than 15 years experience delivering strategic IT and data driven projects for multinational and blue chip companies, and is renowned across industry for driving measurable change through creative and innovative solutions. Cate is committed to applying her expertise to ensure the communal success of FreightExchange.
Martyn Hann, CTO
As Co - Founder and CTO, Martyn is responsible for designing and building the FreightExchange digital marketplace. With over 15 years experience leading software development in the logistics industry, his expertise spans the entire development lifecycle from requirements analysis and architecture design, through to implementation. He has witnessed first hand the impact automated and transparent freight processes can have on businesses and is passionate about developing elegant, easy to use solutions and sharing these benefits across the broader logistics industry.
Rafael Pinto, Software Architect/Developer
Rafael is a professional with 9 years of experience in Java development for medium and large scale oil and gas, financial and telecommunications companies in Brazil, Australia and The Netherlands. Rafael has been a senior developer and integration architect and is responsible for designing, developing and integrating the FreightExchange platform. Rafael is a coding rock star who is using Java to create global logistics nirvana.
Belinda Morgan, National Sales Manager
Belinda Morgan, Sales Manager has over a decade of experience managing sales teams and customers for multinational pharmaceutical companies. Her approach is personable and relationship driven, ideal for learning about our customers and how to assist them in the move to using technology better.
Yury Popov, Marketing and Strategy Manager
Yury has over 12 years experience in starting innovative and creative companies in the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry. He has operated in Russia, Korea and Germany with renowned companies to provide supply chain solutions to Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover.
Alex Dacre, Front-end Developer
Alex is our resident front-end guru who is responsible for making FreightExchange as easy to use as possible regardless of whether you are using it on your PC, tablet or phone.

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