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FreightDesk by FreightExchange

Simplify your logistics with our enterprise software and powerful network of global carriers.

We provide access to a powerful network of verified freight carriers for greater freight choice and very simple shipping. We're a fool proof freight solution, offering pay as you go services in addition to account based, business solutions.

Our network is complemented by FreightDesk, our enterprise grade software to vastly simplify your logistics. With FreightDesk you can manage all of your carriers in one place, streamline your dispatch, optimise your processes and minimise costs using our world class management and analytical tools

Real Time Tracking

We integrate with GPS based transport management systems to allow real time tracking, so that busy warehouse and operations managers can get things moving, fast.

Bring Your Own Carriers

You can bring your own carriers onto FreightExchange and manage all your freight in one place. Contracted carriers don’t travel a route? Simply book one of our reputable carriers instead.

Elegant and Smart

We use advanced analytical algorithms and real time freight movement information to assist shippers and carriers to optimise their costs, revenues and margins.

Powerful freight network + enterprise automation =
simple, agile logistics


Faster Freight Transport Management

With thousands of carriers on the system, we simplify the booking, quoting and monitoring processes and remove manual processes.

Cost Savings

On average, shippers save at least 10% on their freight costs.

Efficient Shipping

The online FreightDesk platform provides businesses with up to the minute information on all of your freight, removes paper and manual steps and simplifies the booking, quoting and monitoring processes.

Enterprise Integrations

By integrating into most major ERP systems, we can greatly reduce the work of managing purchase orders, invoices and bills.

Everything in the One Place

Our online platform allows businesses to share documents, messages and helps users to keep track of their shipments. FreightExchange also integrates into software packages, such as Cargowise One, SAP and Oracle. The goal is to ensure our customers only ever need one screen to manage their freight.

Who We Help

If you're a procurement or a supply chain manager in a large supply chain organisation, every three years you're compelled to go to Request For Proposals, which entails writing a 28 page document of logistics requirements, Service Level Agreement's and Requests for Quotes.

Over the next quarter, the team go through a process of elimination. There attend numerous meetings in order to whittle the suppliers down to the top three and then eventually choose one supplier to go with. It's time consuming and doesn't position the company to grow and change rapidly.

The traditional solution is also substandard because most logistics providers excel in certain niches, and if you've complex operations several suppliers will likely provide the right mix of price and service for your needs.

FreightDesk is perfect for 3PL's, distribution companies, wholesalers, service companies, manufacturers and agricultural companies. We make life easy for procurement, logistics and operations professionals. We do away with all of that by integrating with existing carriers to give visibility of costs. We already work with the largest 3PL's, the top mid-tier carriers and hundreds of specialised, niche providers 'out of the box'.

We eliminate the need to go through complex RFQ process because the services, due diligence, prices are there for anyone with a subscription to use.

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