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2022-2023 Budget: Tax Incentive for Shipping Software Subscriptions

Small businesses, will be able to deduct 20% of the cost incurred on subscriptions to cloud-based services.

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4 Ways Intelligent Automation Can Solve Supply Chain Labor Shortages

Amongst the many challenges facing the modern world in the wake of COVID-19, the labour shortage caused by the ever-evolving […]

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7 Key Australian B2B Freight Trends

Freight management used to be about printing labels fast or booking the cheapest rate. However, logistics operations are resource heavy in procurement, finance and customer service, not just the warehouse! That's why, in the past 12 months, we've seen more CFOs taking the lead on streamlining business operations. It's now about ensuring that customer services and finance processes are more efficient too.

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Cate Hull of FreightExchange Accepted into 2022 SBE Global Tech Cohort

We’re pleased to announce our Founder and CEO, Cate Hull, has been selected as one of ten women founders to […]

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In the supply chain, unlocking female talent could change everything

Hiring more women in the warehouse translates to more women acquiring specialised skills in manufacturing production, quality control, and supply chain management, particularly in planning, inventory, forecasting or sales.

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Integrating Shipping with NetSuite

ERP integrations Integrating key business functions is essential for efficiency in today’s business landscape. Integrating your shipping with a powerful […]

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Shipping Dangerous Goods

When booking a DG shipment through the FreightExchange platform, you can search for the UN Number or item description. This will allow you to determine the carriers who will ship your dangerous goods and any additional costs relating to the movement of your goods.

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The benefits of choosing FreightExchange

FreightExchange is revolutionising how businesses transport goods. We offer a more efficient, cost-effective, and convenient alternative to traditional carriers. In […]

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What is “ugly freight”?

"Ugly freight" is an industry term used to describe goods that are difficult to transport due to their size, shape, weight or because it requires specialised handling and equipment to move.

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Why 12x more Australian businesses are queuing for FreightExchange?

Our pipeline has grown 12x in the last 3 months alone (November 2021 – January 2022) I am Pushpinder, the […]

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