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Cate Hull of FreightExchange Accepted into 2022 SBE Global Tech Cohort

We’re pleased to announce our Founder and CEO, Cate Hull, has been selected as one of ten women founders to […]

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Four reasons intelligent automation is solution to supply chain labour crunch

Amongst the many challenges facing the modern world in the wake of COVID-19, the labour shortage caused by the ever-evolving […]

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Shipping Software Cloud Subscriptions Tax Incentive: Federal Budget 2022-2023

Small businesses, will be able to deduct 20% of the cost incurred on subscriptions to cloud-based services.

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Why 12x more Australian businesses are queuing for FreightExchange?

Our pipeline has grown 12x in the last 3 months alone (November 2021 – January 2022) I am Pushpinder, the […]

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Here are some of the associations, partnerships and mentions we've acquired over the last 7+ years of being in business.