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Hi-Trans Express Shipping and Tracking Software

FreightExchange is advanced shipping software for businesses using Hi-Trans. We offer instant, free and fast integration with Hi-Trans for quotes, booking, tracking and reconciliations. And yes, you can also upload your own contract rates.

More than 10,000 growing businesses trust our proprietary technology.

We've proven we can delivery industry standard and innovative solutions for medium, large and enterprise businesses in Australia.

With no sales dramas, integrating with Hi-Trans for shipping couldn't be easier.

Our solution is tailor made for the under-served mid-tier businesses who cannot afford enterprise solutions; and our onboarding experience and pay per use pricing speaks of it.

Easy to Start

Our unique technology requires no start-up investment and integrates with any domestic carrier and any mode.

Easy to Operate

Online booking, tracking and reporting scales infrastructure, saves 25% in labour costs and processes orders 5x faster.

Easy to Grow

Flexibility to add and switch carriers on-demand gives the continuity you seek and a way to test new strategies.


151 businesses signed up in the last month alone.

We differentiate on our ability to onboard, support and scale your shipping operations with Hi-Trans, rapidly.

We do this using our easy to use self-serve product, easy integrations with couriers like Hi-Trans and rockstar support team based in Australia.

Integrate any system with Hi-Trans, fast.

Our unique technology enables us to rapidly integrate Hi-Trans with any ERP, CRM or Online Store within days (sometimes instantly), without costing you anything which is an advantage when you want get started fast and try new strategies for growth. We'll also help you manage these integrations online and provide access to the data for your teams.

Open API & Plugins for Hi-Trans.

We've gone through various cycles of development to build a scalable API that can easily talk to Hi-Trans for quoting, booking, tracking, invoice reconciliations and everything needed to build a scalable shipping operation without a hiccup.

Cloud shipping for the whole business.

Shipping isn't just about people in the warehouse, it's threaded with everyone in strategy, finance, sales and customer service. Be it one user or 100, we've got you covered to provide daily oversight on costs and stuff to everyone in the business. That's how high growth teams work anyways!

We're enterprise ready, with seamless integrations into your existing systems

Accelerate delivery with a platform that works seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and workflows.

Don't see your system? We can help you build tailored integrations via our API in days, not weeks or months.

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Commonly asked questions.

Yes, we're aware that using online software can appear to be tricky so here are some questions we've heard from our existing customers; for your convenience.

Will the warehouse staff use a separate system provided by Hi-Trans or FreightExchange?

The default Hi-Trans integration enables your anyone in your business to get quotes, make bookings and track shipments all within FreightExchange, not just for Hi-Trans but also for many other couriers.

How is shipping documentation created and managed?

Shipping documentation like labels and manifests can all be generated through FreightExchange instantly upon creating a booking. All documents from Hi-Trans can then be emailed or pushed to your system via easy and free integrations.

How do bespoke business rules work with Hi-Trans?

FreightExchange has a very powerful business rules engine that allows you to dictate which courier and service to choose for different shipping scenarios. We also have a feature where you can bypass these rules and tell to use Hi-Trans based your rules.

Can FreightExchange be configured to cater our bespoke use case?

One of our differentiators is our modern and open, RESTful API. Using the latest and greatest technology while also being constructed in a framework using REST allows FreightExchange to be a flexible and extensible tool that is highly configurable for Hi-Trans or any other courier that can talk to web services.

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