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Schedule a free virtual logistics assessment with our industry & technology experts.

What you'll get

A digital blueprint of your logistics, that includes a prioritised list of action items and the list benefits you're missing out on in costs and customer service.

What we'll do

Work with you and/or your team to discover the key pain points, your existing logistics network, key systems, processes & help articulate what good looks like.

Cost Savings

Save money instantly through intelligent scenarios and better and smarter multi-carrier options.


With customers first, gone are the days of relying on just one carrier for all your logistics needs.


Swifter processes mean better customer service, happier customers, increased throughput and more orders.

Growth Planning

The ultimate power of visibility helping you gain control and plan your growth journey without bottlenecks.

Leading businesses (and those that aspire to be), trust FreightHQ

We've proven we can deliver industry standard and innovative solutions for medium, large and enterprise businesses in Australia.

Why should you arrange a workshop with FreightHQ today?

Experienced Team

Experienced technical team who have 'seen it before', enabling them to build a platform optimised to drive business results.

Repeatable Process

Proven, repeatable roll-out success, we keep the entire process in house, de-risking the process for clients and providing assurance nothing will go wrong.

Industry Expertise

Logistics specialists, who understand the challenges and complexities that logistics organisations face.

Enterprise Technology

Enterprise ready, we invest in experienced technical talent to mitigate unnecessary systems risk.

Seamless integrations into your existing systems via our API. Yes, we're enterprise ready!

So, how does this work?


We'll learn about your logistics operations.

Like every customer centric solution we've delivered, we'll kick off with Zoom / video call to introduce ourselves and ask questions to acquire knowledge of your logistics operation as per our proven / diligent checklist. We are happy to sign an NDA if desired at this stage.

1-2 Days

Our logistics experts will analyse your operations in the background.

We'll work meticulously in the background to decipher your network and strategically identify areas of improvement around people and processes that will result in cost savings and improved customer service. We may reach out to you for additional information if needed.

45-60 Minutes

We'll present the learning's with a personalised demo.

We'll digitise all the learning's and present the pain points, current network state, a wow future state and where you're missing out on costs, productivity and customer service. This is coupled with a demo of our cloud based platform that will help you achieve those benefits. Win-win!

Frequently asked questions

In short, you will walk away with a blueprint of your logistics to develop your thinking around next steps. We have found this to be of immense value even with groups that move forward without our technology.

What are you offering this workshop for free?

Logistics is broken and we are on a mission is to fix it. This starts by us making it easy for businesses to take the first step; which is, talking to experts!

Is there any hidden costs or limits that I should know of?

There are absolutely no hidden costs to this workshop, this is totally virtual and all it needs is commitment of time from you and/or your key stakeholders.

Does this workshop have any contracts or lock-in terms?

No, the only contract / agreement we put in for this workshop is an NDA to ensure you feel safe to share data with our team of experts.

Can we trust you with our sensitive workflows & data?

We take data & privacy very seriously and the list of our enterprise customers speaks of our policies; that said, we put an NDA in place before we kick off a workshop.

Do I need to do any preparation before the workshop?

A a rule of thumb, we'd recommend getting us access to your facilities (where possible) and invite warehouse, technology, operations and finance stakeholders to the workshop.

What's usually the next step from the workshop?

If you like the benefits presented, we'd love to submit a proposal to implement our system and even develop a proof of concept if desired.


Turn your team into champions of automation, customer experience & resilience.

Start your operational excellence and customer service journey now; go live with FreightHQ in under in 6 weeks with 35% logistics automation and 10% cost savings from day one. Of course, the return on investment just grows and grows as you apply our technology to your processes.