FreightHQ Transport Management System

FreightHQ by FreightExchange

Simplify your transport operations with our software and powerful network of third party integrations.

Having trouble keeping track of all of your contracts, sub-contracts, drivers, invoices, pick-ups and deliveries?

Sick of receiving complaints from customers trying to track down that box from a week ago?

With FreightHQ you can manage all of your consignments, subbies and customers in one place. FreightHQ streamlines your dispatch, optimises your processes and minimises costs. With our world class management and analytical tools, we can optimise all of your own fleet deliveries too.

Take advantage of our integrations with national and regional carriers to free yourself from multiple devices, processes and systems.

Better yet, it takes just minutes to get started.

Real Time Scanning and Tracking

We integrate with most GPS based scanners and trackers so that busy operations managers can keep things moving, fast.

Contract and Sub-Contractor Compliance and Control

Load all of your agreed rates, routes, schedules, insurance and compliance documentation for all of your partners. Looking to consolidate a run or ship somewhere unusual? Simply book one of our reputable carriers instead.

One Screen

We consolidate your network onto one screen to help you simply manage your day to day operations.

FreightHQ. Powerful Control.


Simpler Transport Managment

With all of your customers, contracts, fleet and sub-contractors in the one place, we simplify all elements of your business. We help you do away with the manual processes involved in day to day transportation management.

Cost Savings

On average, transport companies save thousands of hours by automating tedious operational processes and eliminating the need for numerous different systems and devices.

Full Visibility

FreightHQ provides businesses with up to the minute information on consignments, enables digital document exchange, simplifies your quoting, costing and tracking. Our mobile app for drivers gives you full visibility of all of your consignments on the road.

Third Party Integrations

Integrations into major transport networks are quickly and easily setup, greatly reducing the overhead of managing your transport network.

Powerful Control

Our enterprise grade software vastly simplifies your business through our world class management and analytical tools.

Our award winning analytics platform automatically recommends the optimal load consolidations and delivery paths. You can choose to accept the recommendations or make changes at any time throughout the process.

Customer invoicing occurs automatically and integrates with your tracking and scanning devices for highly accurate billing, auditing and dispute management.

Who We Help

As a transportation company owner or operations manager, every day you'll have hundreds and thousands of items flowing through your warehouses and fleet of trucks.

You'll have hundreds or thousands of customers, suppliers, drivers and sub-contractors to quote, deliver for, pay and invoice. The traditional solution is to have separate booking, tracking and management systems for your fleet and also for each of your different transport or logistics providers.

The traditional solution is substandard because you lose visibility of everything that's moving through your network. It makes it harder to consolidate loads on your own fleet and hard to track freight.

FreightHQ makes life easy for operations managers by providing visibility of costs and deliveries. We connect with the largest transport providers, as well as hundreds of specialised, niche providers to ensure consignments flow efficiently across networks.

We eliminate the need for complex processes. Even better, we are there for anyone with an subscription to use.

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