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Frequently Asked Questions

Using FreightExchange

How does FreightExchange work?

Simply. That's the key! Just enter some basic details about your shipment and we will instantly give you quotes based on our carefully selected carrier's prices.

From there you can either make an immediate confirmed booking or alternatively negotiate a final price with those carriers.

Once you've confirmed your booking we send you all the documents you need along with our invoice.

Do you transport second hand items or personal effects?

We do not transport second hand items or personal effects. Please contact a removalist company to transport your second hand items or personal effects.

I’m getting some blank spaces when viewing your site! What do I do?

We do our best to make sure our site works on as many devices and browsers as possible. However, for security purposes, it is best viewed on the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

If the site isn’t behaving as expected, please update your browser via the app store on your phone or by downloading and installing the latest software on your desktop.

Carrier Sign Up

I'm a transport company, how do I sign-up?

Our intuitive carrier sign-up process steps you through process of signing up with FreightExchange. First you enter your company details, then your fleet details and finally, you can even enter your pricing, so that you never have to quote another job again.

Once your details are entered into the system, your quotes will automatically be presented to anyone searching for freight transport in the areas you service.

Like everyone in the industry, we take trust, safety and security very seriously so we will ask for details about insurance policies and procedures. Once you’ve signed up, we always get in touch to verify your details and answer any questions you have about the service.

Who can sign-up?

Anyone with an Australian Business Number (ABN) can sign-up. We do some basic quality checks on your company, so if you have a poor safety or business record, there is no need to apply. For everyone else, welcome!

Get A Quote

I don't have a full-truck or container load, can I still use FreightExchange?

Of course, that's one of our strengths! We want to make sure that every truck is being used to its maximum capacity by allowing you to access space that is currently empty for your partial loads.

How do I obtain a quote?

You can obtain an instant quote price using our online form. Please ensure that your items are packaged correctly, and measured as accurately as possible.

Please note. To avoid errors and to keep prices down, we don’t provide quotes over the phone.

I can’t get a quote. Help!

We can typically provide quotes for most shipments Australia wide. However, for very large or very remote sometimes we cannot provide an instant quote.

To save you time, it’s always worth checking the following:

  • Is the pickup date you’ve selected a public holiday or weekend?
  • Have you entered the weight and dimensions in kilos and centimetres, not tonnes and millimetres?
  • Are you shipping from a very remote location?

How do I make a booking?

Prior to booking your shipment through, please ensure that you have created an account on FreightExchange. Once you have obtained an instant quote price, just click on 'Buy Now' to proceed with the quote price.

Please note. To avoid errors and to keep prices down, we don't take bookings over the phone.

I've received an instant quote online, how accurate is the price?

If you have provided accurate dimensions and weight then great! This is the price you will pay for shipping your goods.

We encourage you to have photographs with a measuring tape showing that you have measured and weighed your item(s) accurately.

What happens if I’m guessing the weight or dimensions?

If you guess the weight and dimensions of your items, you may incur extra fees.

The carrier will take your item back into the depot for measurement, and we will be notified if the provided dimensions were incorrect. We will then send through an updated invoice through email (Payment via Bank Transfer or Credit Card), requesting you to make payment for the additional charges.

I’m booking freight but am not the sender. What do I need to do?

You will need to obtain the sender’s email address and phone number. You will also need to email them the Labels and Consignment Note to print out and attach to the items.

If you provide us with the sender’s email address at the time you book the freight we will automatically send them a copy of the Labels and Consignment Note.

Can I get a quote or make a booking over the phone?

To avoid errors and to keep prices down, we don’t provide quotes or take bookings over the phone.

Do you do international shipments?

Yes, we can organize international shipping for you. Please contact us directly to obtain a quote price.

Residential Or Commercial

What qualifies a premises to be commercial or residential for pickup and deliveries?

A commercial address must be zoned commercial. So it can be a shop, warehouse, factory, office, hotels or similar.

Residential addresses are zoned residential. So houses, apartments, units or holiday homes.

If a business is registered from someone's home, this still counts as a residential pickup.

Why does it cost more to pickup and drop off to residential addresses?

There are a number of reasons.

Access: residential addresses cannot always be accessed by large trucks, therefore our carriers need to switch vehicles to pick-up or deliver your items. This adds to the cost.

Futile pick-ups/deliveries: if the driver goes to your address and cannot pickup or deliver your items because there’s nobody home then this adds to the cost.

Preparing The Shipment

I have special instructions, where do I put those?

When entering your 'shipment details' form, we provide a space for providing your special instructions regarding pickup and delivery.

Why do I need to have photographs?

There are two main reasons:

  1. If your items are damaged in transit we will need photographic evidence of the packaged goods prior to pickup.
  2. Photographs help us to resolve any disputes with the carrier about any fees applied in relation to the size and weight of your item(s).

What is a tail-lift?

A tail-lift is a mechanical lift fitted to the back of van or truck,It is designed to lift goods from the ground or a loading dock onto the vehicle, or vice versa. If your goods are heavy and you do not have a forklift, we can arrange a tail-lift to pickup and deliver your items.

We are strict on security, can I give special instructions for pick-up and delivery?

Of course, be sure to tell us in as much detail as you can, about any special instructions relating to picking up, dropping off or carrying your goods. This is one of those situations where more information is better than less!.

I would like to pick up or deliver my items at a depot. What’s the address?

When you book your shipment through, please state in the delivery or pick up instructions that you would like the depot address. We will send through the address details via e-mail.


How should my items be packaged?

Please have a look at our blog link for packing advice.

What's the safest way to wrap a pallet?

Please have a look at our blog link for packing advice.

Labels And Consignments

What are Labels and Consignment Notes?

Labels are used by carriers for tracking and to make it easier for the driver to deliver your goods. They typically have a barcode which the driver scans so that you can see where your item(s) are.

A Consignment Note is a document that carriers use to track multiple items.

You will always receive one (1) Consignment Note. You will always receive one label for every item.

You must print out and attached one label to each of your item(s). The Consignment Note must be signed and attached to one of your items.

Sending your item/s without attaching the label/s and consignment note is a bit like sending a letter without writing an address on the envelope. Ill advised.

The sender doesn’t have a printer. What do I do?

Let us know immediately and we can arrange for the driver to bring them. Additional fees apply.

When will I get my Label(s) and Consignment Note?

For same day bookings, labels are emailed within 60 minutes of payment.

For next day bookings, labels are emailed by 1pm, 5pm and 10pm AEDT on business days.

Tracking And Delivery

Where is my shipment?

You will be notified each step of the way. As well as reminding you to have your shipment ready 24 hours prior to the pick-up time, we will also let you know when the goods have been collected and delivered.

Where possible, you will also be notified if there are any known delays, for example if there are hold ups at the port, due to traffic etc.

My shipment hasn't been delivered, what do I do?

Get in touch with us as soon as possible, so that we can track down the delivery..

Can I receive a call prior to pick and/or delivery?

For an extra charge, we can organize a call prior to pick up and/or delivery. Just let us know when you’re booking your freight.

When will my driver arrive?

All pickups and deliveries typically occur during business hours, 9am-5pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

We don't guarantee pick-up or delivery dates or times, especially in remote or residential areas.

I can't wait for the driver to do a pick-up. What are my options?

If you're not able to wait for your driver at the pickup location you can:

  • Leave your freight somewhere safe but visible for the driver to collect. Be sure to SIGN the Consignment Note!
  • Drop your Labelled items in to a nearby depot.
  • Elect to have your item(s) picked up from an alternative location where someone is available.
  • I can't wait for the driver to deliver my item(s). What are my options?

    If you're not able to wait for your driver at the delivery location you can:

  • Provide the driver with "Authority To Leave" the items when you book the freight.
  • Pick-up your item(s) from a nearby depot.
  • Elect to have your item(s) delivered to an alternative location where someone is available to take delivery.
  • Do you ship on weekends?


    Do I need to have load and unload facilities?

    You must be available to load and unload your freight from the truck. If you do not have a fork-lift on site, we are able to organise a tail-lift to aid in loading/unloading.

    Manage Bookings

    How do I change or cancel my booking?

    We get that in freight, sometimes things change, so you can exchange messages and documents via email, SMS and our online portal prior to booking.

    Once you’ve decided on the right option for you, shipment confirmation details are provided in a confirmation email.

    However, once you have a confirmed booking with a FreightExchange carrier, charges will apply if your requirements change or you need to cancel the shipment. By having this policy, our carriers can accept bookings with confidence, and we keep everyone's costs low.

    What is a Booking Number?

    Your Booking Number is a unique reference number we use in the FreightExchange system to identify your shipment. Please quote your Booking Number when you contact us to allow us to help you faster. If you don’t know your Booking Number you can quote your Consignment Number instead.

    I’ve made a booking and I would like to make payment via credit card.

    If you log in your FreightExchange account, and click on 'Manage Bookings' on the left top hand corner. You should see 'Unpaid Shipments', please click on it. Then you will see a blue bar that states 'If you would like to make payment via credit card or Paypal, please click here'.

    How do I share documents with the carrier?

    Once you've completed the booking, navigate to the 'Manage Bookings' screen. From there you can select the job and 'Add Attachments'. This will automatically share any documents you need to share. For example, photos, proof of purchases etc.

    I need to change my booking!

    You can make changes, communicate with the carrier and track your shipment via the "Manage Bookings" screen.

    Dangerous Goods

    Do you transport Dangerous Goods or batteries?

    In certain circumstances we can arrange to transport dangerous goods. You will need to provide us the UN Number and the details of the dangerous goods you are shipping.

    If we are able to transport your goods, we will provide you with a Dangerous Goods declaration form to complete. This must be presented to the driver when the driver arrives to pick-up your goods.

    An additional fees of $65 + GST applies.

    Fees And Charges

    How much do you charge?

    Our carriers determine their own pricing, when and where they are available and what they are prepared to carry. On top of this we charge you a booking fee equivalent to 10% of the freight cost.

    What are your payment terms?

    Our standard terms require all invoices to be paid upon booking. We accept payment via EFT, credit and debit cards and PayPal. We also provide alternative terms to business accounts upon request.

    Are there any additional charges?

    Door to door deliveries, fuel surcharges and $500 of transit insurance are included in our online quote price.

    Additional charges apply when:

    • You require telephone assistance to complete a booking which can normally be completed on our website ($20 + GST)
    • The sender can't/doesn't print out the Label/s and Consignment Note ($20 + GST),
    • The receiver was not available to sign for the goods, and you did not provide Authority to Leave ($20 + GST),
    • Shipping Dangerous Goods ($65 + GST),
    • You need a call on approach ($30 + GST),
    • You request a specific pickup/delivery window ($30 + GST),
    • You require insurance for goods over $500 ($1.20 per $100 insured),
    • You have provided the incorrect size or weight information (variable), and
    • Cancellations ($20 + GST)

    How are your prices so competitive?

    We have a numerous carriers advertising capacity on the system. Therefore, we are able to offer such competitive prices.

    Is it cheaper if I drop my items into depot?

    This depends on the carrier, whether you have a forklift and the area you are shipping to or from. It can sometimes be cheaper to pickup or drop off to a depot.

    I've incurred additional fees. How do I pay these?

    We will automatically send you an updated invoice and credit card payment request if you incur additional fees. All payments must be completed before we can deliver your goods.

    I've incurred additional fees. Can I dispute these?

    When you make a booking with us, you agree that you have proof of the weight and dimensions of your shipment in the event of a dispute. If you do not have proof then unfortunately you cannot dispute the charges. If you do have proof, please send us these details immediately, and we will dispute the charges with the carrier.

    Damaged Goods

    How do I know my goods won’t get damaged?

    During the booking process, there is a section for you to provide special instructions regarding your shipment. Typically, our shippers provide information here about how the goods are packaged, whether the goods can be stacked and whether they are fragile.

    The more information you provide your carrier, the better the service you’ll receive.

    Please always take care to package your goods securely too. For more information, read our blog post.

    My goods were damaged in transit, what do I do?

    Damaged goods must be reported within 7 days of delivery by contacting us here. If you are eligible to make an insurance claim we will provide you with more details then.


    Do you insure my shipment?

    For your peace of mind, we offer all of our shippers complimentary Transit Insurance of $500 on all shipments.

    Please review our Transit Insurance policy details to check if your shipment is eligible.

    How do I buy extra insurance cover?

    All shipments come with $500 of insurance cover automatically. You can purchase additional cover up to $50,000 when you’re booking your freight.

    The cost of extra insurance is as follows:

  • $5 + GST to insure goods in transit for $501-$1,000
  • $10 + GST to insure goods in transit for $1,001-$2,000
  • $1.20 + GST / $100 to insure goods in transit for $2,001-$50,000

  • Read our Product Disclosure Document (PDS) and Financial Services Guide (FSG) guide here.

    Can I insure my electronics, furniture, fragile goods or glass in transit?

    Maybe. Read our insurance exclusions here.

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